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Kertas Thermal , NCR Struk Kasir , Thermal Paper Struk Kasir

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Payment Method:Cashier Order
Quantity:100 pc
Pack. & Delivery:1 dus

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We sell and produce thermal paper roll with a variety of sizes. Common size in use
Thermal Roll
80mmX80mm = price, visit our website
57mmX50mm = price, visit our website

And other measures in accordance with requests from consumers.

Thermal receipt Papers are printed at the register for purposes of the cash register and ATM.

We also sell paper receipt HVS and NCR plain ( 1ply, 2ply and 3ply in roll) and custom print with the best price.

We also sell prints of the label sticker / price / production / THERMAL / THERMAL Papper / supermarket etc. printing label sticker..

Please visit our website:

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Andi Muhammad [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: andi_mch@yahoo.com Y!: andi_mch
Mobile Number:+6281280187038
Phone Number:+622199210513
Address:Jl.Kenanga No:10
Jakarta 16416, Jakarta
http: / / www.jasa-aktuaria.blogspot.com/
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